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This site is run by Dan Langille.


The original objective was:

The objective of this site is to promote the use of unix @ home.  The strategy to achieve this objective is the provision of a neutral area in which all unix flavors can come together with a common goal, namely, the popularization of the use of unix in homes.  Although the site deals primarily with unix @ home, the ideas and concepts are directly applicable to small offices and organisations of similar size.

This site is open to all flavors of unix and unix-like languages.   It is thought that only the open source and freely distributed operating systems will be suitable for this site.  This is mostly because of the costs which will prohibit the use of commercial operating systems in home environments.

The reality is:

The domain hosts a few mailing list archives and supplies the infrastructure for most of my websites. I'm still open to the original objectives but they are not a priority item.


This server is now hosted by NYI. In the past, it was hosted on servers in Ottawa, Canada, and before that, in Wellington, New Zealand.


The name was registered on 19 August 1999 but was born a few days before that.  See Why.


This domain name was originally registered by me to poke fun at Terry Hughes who claimed he would never use unix at home.  That was before he had a cable modem installed and decided he needed a firewall.  That's when I decided to delegate anothersadgeek@last.reluctantly.using.unixathome.org to him.  It wasn't until a few days later I realized the advocacy potential of the name and decided to pursue it.


The New Zealand ADSL mailing list has recently moved to this domain. As has the broadband list.

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